666 Chapter Now Online
by David Vaughn Elliott

President Bush's "awe" over his "moving experience" with Rome's Benedict XVI last week underscores the vast ignorance of most American Evangelicals. Too many are ignorant of basic biblical teachings regarding the Lord's church and ignorant of important biblical prophecies. The widespread belief in futurism, as evidenced in the "Left Behind" series, is both a major symptom of and a further cause of this ignorance. Also at fault is the growing popularity of preterism today. Both futurism and preterism totally miss the Bible's important predictions regarding an apostate church based in Rome.

One of the best known and least understood of these predictions is the puzzling 666. The puzzle is solved in my book, "Nobody Left Behind: Insight into 'End-Time' Prophecies." The climaxing chapter of Section Three, "The Roman Connection," offers a biblically and historically sensible explanation of 666. If you do not have the book, you can now read this entire chapter online or download it free of charge.

The unabridged Chapter 14, "666, the Mark of the Beast," complete with charts and footnotes, is now available at
Read it with Bible in hand to come face to face with what the Bible teaches about the religious situation today.
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