FROM:   Insight into Bible Prophecy
               TO:   Insight into Bible Truth

In the fall of 2012, "Insight into Bible Prophecy" celebrated its fourteenth birthday, passing the 220-message mark. That represents a lot of writing on Bible prophecy. All those back copies are available via the Subject Index.

In the spring of 2013, I decided it was time for a change. While predictive prophecy is a very important (and often misunderstood) part of the Bible, it is just that -- a part. I decided to start offering my insights into various other Bible topics.

Because of a wider range of subject matter, there is also a change in the name of the program. Beginning with Insight #228, all Insights will carry the title Insight into Bible Truth. Older Insights will continue to carry the old logo. Newer Insights will carry the new logo.

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